ARRILite 750 Plus

The ARRILITE 750 Plus is a new and improved incarnation of ARRI’s traditional, open-faced light, the ARRILITE 800/1000. By optimizing the ARRIMAX reflector for usage with an HPL* 750 W lamp, the ARRILITE 750 Plus offers 21% higher light efficiency than the previous ARRILITE 800 W, while the ARRIMAX optical system improves distribution of the light. A detachable and fully rotatable accessory holder accommodates scrims and barndoors, and incorporates fittings that permit the Chimera Video Pro Plus S to be fitted directly, without an additional speedring.

The one-arm stirrup allows for plenty of pan-and-tilt options and a heat-proof handle at the rear of the lamphead enables easy maneuvering. No tools are required for changing bulbs as the housing consists simply of two detachable parts that open and close through bayonet cap locks. The smaller and lighter aluminum housing of the ARRILITE 750 Plus makes it an ideal lamphead for lighting kits and therefore also suitable for electronic newsgathering, field production and fast turnaround location use. 
*HPL lamp invented by and licensed from David Cunningham

Lamphead Type: Open Face with parabolic facetted reflector, 750 W
Reflector Type: MAX reflector made of high purity aluminium
Lamp Type: HPL* 750 W, 575 W, 375 W;
GKV** 600 W, FKR 650 W, HX 800 W
Power Consumption: 800 W, 750 W, 650 W, 600 W, 575 W, 375 W
Voltage Range: 100 - 240 V~
Lamp Base: G9,5
Dimmability: Yes, 0 - 100 % via external dimming system
Cable Options
Correlated Color Temperature: 3200 K
Beam Angle: 21 - 73°
Product Weight: 1,6 kg / 3.5 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 3,1 kg / 6.8 lbs.
Product Size (HxWxL): 226 x 230 x 224 mm / 8.9" x 9.1" x 8.8"
Shipping Size (HxWxL): 260 x 230 x 290 mm / 10.2" x 9.1" x 11.4"
Lens Diameter: 50 mm / 5.91"
Accessory Diameter: 168 mm / 6.61" (Scrim)
Barndoor Size: 168 mm / 6.61"
Mounting: Socket 16 mm / 5/8" (0.63")
Protection Class: I/IP 20
Certifications: CE, CB, GS, cNRTL
*HPL lamp invented by and licensed from David Cunningham
** in combination with lamp cooling adapter L2.36770.0



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