Color temperature can be adjusted in a very wide range, from 2700K all the way to 6500K.This light may be adjusted to all ambient light situations.Most LED Bicolor lights have only half the light out when set to daylight or tungsten. The Ledzilla Bicolor utilizes an LED array which produces a full 8 W in both daylight and tungsten positions.In a Bicolor LED light, the tungsten positions is generally 25-30% weaker than in daylight. The multichip light source of the Bicolor Ledzilla utilizes 9 mini-chips arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

  Amazing output in combination with dedolight double aspheric optics.
  Focuses like a dedolight. LED lights are usually not focusable.
  No other focusing LED light compares - 4 ° to 56 °.
  Smooth light distribution in all and every focusing position.
  Now with flip-up, wide-angle effect glass for wide, horizontal spread with gentle flowing edges. Ideal for on-board work when several people are close to the camera.
  Converts from daylight to tungsten
  Powers from any 6V to 18V DC power source.
  Optional battery shoes are compatible with Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Nikon mini-DV batteries.
  NP-F550 7.2 V, 2000 mA, 105 minute run time.
  NP-F750 7.2 V, 4000 mA, 210 minute run time.
  NP-F950 7.2 V, 6000 mA, 330 minute run time.
  When dimmed to 50 % light output, power consumption drops accordingly resulting in twice the run time.
  Alternative power from any Anton/Bauer or PAG system, or V-Lock battery, car cigarette lighter output or battery belt.
  Power consumption is only 8 W despite its high output.
  Operates from - 40° C up to + 40° C.

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