CarpetLight CL21


CARPETLIGHT found a way to offer customized flexible lamps in any size with any combination of LEDs reaching brightness and color rendering indices (CRI over 96) that have never been achieved before.

CARPETLIGHT´s product delivers a luminous output high enough to light whole objects and rooms.

The CARPETLIGHT lighting system is lightweight, flexible, versatile and efficient.

This innovation is a fusion of state of the art technologies our patent pending passive cooling-system for the newest LED-technology.

Technical specifications overview

2 x LED Strip 22 x 5 cm
2 x LED Strip 11 x 5 cm
2 x LED Strip 50 cm
2 x LED Strip 100 cm
2 x LED Strip 125 cm
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Cold Appliances
2 x Dimmer / Ballast
1 x Adapter AAA Battery
1 x Adapter Cigarette Lighter
1 x Splitter Power Supply 1 to 2
1 x Splitter Mini XLR 1 to 2
4 x Control Cable
Note All specifications are nominal / typical values.

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