6 Light



6LIGHT is compact LED panel with digital remote control combining colour temperature variation, dimming, green/magenta correction and adjustable beam. Made of five articulated aluminium strips 6LIGHT provides a wide beam spread adjustable from 30º to 125º.

Square and portable delivers a strong punch up to 24 feet / 7 meters, replacing a 1000W tungsten or a 575W HMI while drawing only 110W.

THELIGHT  high-power  panels  are  the  most versatile  LED lights,  the unique real Key Light combining portability, fast installation and full light control on market today.

Do not doubt between 3200K or 5600K, AC or battery power, flood or spot, softlight or fresnel just take 6LIGHT to have everything in a single fixture. 100% aluminium made in Barcelona with 144 reliable Phillips high-power LED for maintenance free use along more than 50.000 hours.


6LIGHT makes lighting easier and faster: there is no need to use correction gels due to the digital variation of colour temperature, dimmer and green/magenta correction. The articulated structure enables instantly focusing or flooding the beam while  the broad source surface equipped with specially designed Fresnel lenses delivers a soft but fully directional light.


The wide, round adjustable beam is perfect as beauty light for actors or objects and can be shaped and diffused through a range of softbox diffusers becoming wrapping while punchy.

The light evenness and power make it the right choice on lighting backgrounds, as studio or location base light andinvaluable as all purpose light.

COLOUR TEMPERATURE adjustable from 2500K to 6500K
LIGHT INTENSITY dimmable with minimal colour shift
GREEN/MAGENTA CORRECTION adjustable 1/4, 1/8 plus and minusgreen
DIMENSIONS 340x300x70mm / 13x12x2,7″
WEIGHT 3,5 kg / 7,7 lbs
COOLING no-noise, fan-free passive cooling
CONSTRUCTION & FINISH Black anodized extruded aluminium and black powder coated sheet aluminium
POWER DRAW 110W nominal, 145W maximum
PHOTOMETRICS 12500 Lux / 1160 fc at 1 meter / 3 feet
  1500 Lux / 130 fc at 3 meters / 10 feet
  450 Lux / 41 fc at 6 meters 20 feet
BEAM ANGLE adjustable from 30º to 125º
LED RATED LIFE more than 50.000 hours
THELIGHT LED TECHNOLOGY3 Phillips high-power selected BIN LED core unit
  specific Fresnel lens
  CPU software control
  AC/DC Control Unit
  Quick link swivel-ball head with 16mm female
  adjustable yoke / multipanels yokes
  Hilite 25-50-100 softbox diffusers
  spacebox diffuser
  removable barn doors
  waterproof case
  VDC Control Unit
  3,5m extension cable, silent Hilite softbox diffuser
  removable barn doors
  quick link swivel-ball head with 3/8” pin
  hexagonal 5/8” baby spud.

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