8ft Mega 4Bank

The 8ft and 6ft Mega 4Bank lighting systems are the largest portable soft lights
designed by Kino Flo. They give the cinematographer or lighting designer a unique
soft light that cannot be easily duplicated with traditional luminaries. Lightweight
and cool in operation, they can be hand held, attached directly to a set wall,
or stand mounted.

The 4-Lamp Mega Fixture
Built-in Barndoors
Removable Reflector, Louver
and Lamp Harness
Twist-on Center Mount
True Match® daylight, tungsten     
The High Output Ballast
Mega and Mega/DMX
Flicker-free, HO/Std switching
Individual lamp control
Instant-on, dead quiet
Remote operation

•4-Lamp remote fixture w/ built-in barndoors
•Fixture includes Reflector, Louver, and removable Harness
•Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps, plus visual effects color lamps
•Mount to stand, light enough to screw to wall
•Removable center-mount
•Fixture or lamps w/ harness run up to 75 feet (24 meters) from ballast
•High-output, flicker-free ballasts
•Instant-on, dead quiet
•Individual lamp switching - no color shift
•HO/Std switching
•Same ballast runs 6ft and 8ft lamps
•Operates at 1/10th the power of conventional tungsten softlights
•UL listed, CE approved

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