Bug-A-Beam Adaptor

The Bug-A-Beam Adaptor is the part that makes the mating of a Source Four and our Bug-Lites 400W, 800W and 1600W not only possible but also quick and easy.

For the 800W and 1600W, the Bug-A-Beam is a complete system including the rear part of the 750 Source Four on which the glass reflector has been machined to let the bulb come through it.

Wether in 400W, 800W or 1600W*, the Source 4 combined with the Bug-Lite gives a controllable high intensity beam, and makes of the complete system (usually called a Jo-Leko) an essential tool for many DPs.

Specialabout this adapter is the pressed multifaceted mirror within.
The light source is bundled and strengthened by the passage to the Source 4 attachment.
The result is light of an exceptional high quality. 

* Not suitable for zoom lenses and gobos

Electrical consumption 3.7 Amps @ 230V
Size with Beamer 31 x 33 x 21 Cm
Weight with Beamer 2.8 Kg
Complete Kit Size and Weight 58.5 x 39 x 30 cm / 22 Kg
Bug Speedring Reference 9780 OP (compatible with Octaplus, Lanterns, Pancakes, Video Pro from Chimera)
Bulb 800 Watt MSR/SE daylight single ended discharge. Special UV-Stop envelope. 600 hours maximum life.
Connectors Veam quarter-turn quick locking.
Extension Cable common to 200,400 and 800 (7.50m).

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