Connection Tool / Koppelsatz Honda 30is/70is

Honda EU70is Media Parallel Operation outlet box and cables.

Film, TV & Broadcast model when you need 1100W of power on location and if space is a problem or you cannot find parking space for a large mobile generator.

Two EU70is generators parallel linked producing 1100W will run a basic lighting rig and all will fit into one small van.

This parallel operating unit is supplied with 2 x cables with powercon connectors and 1 x outlet box fitted with 2 x thermal trips, 1 x 63amp DPMCB with shunt trip operated by variable time and sensitivity earth leakage relay with key operated disable.  1 x 63A/1 socket output digital volt/ammeter.

  2 x Thermal trips
  1 x 63A 30mA ZP RCBO
  1 x 63A/1 output socket
  1 x digital Volt/Ammeter
  LED indecater light for both generator supplies
  2 x connecting cables with Nutrik powercon plug one end and Banana plug the other to connect into the generator

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